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Map of Las Virgines Loop

Trails starting from:
Chesebro Canyon, Agoura, United States:

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11/29/09 10:39:371)  Chesebro - What a place  (Posted by SoomSoom)

This is a great mountain bike ride.


11/29/09 10:35:122)  Chesebro is great ride.  (Posted by SoomSoom)

Chesebro is great ride.


A Mountain Bicycle Trail:

By: SoomSoom

Length: 12.76 Mi

Base Alt.: 964 ft

Top Alt.: 1,574 ft

Ascent: 1,553 ft

Technical Level: Technical

Difficulty Level: Easy

Path Type: Loop

Trail description:
THis look takes you up to Shepherd flat, and then to a real nice, technical downhill all the way to Las Virginas. From there youll climb back up the hill

Elevation chart for Las Virgines Loop trail

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